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Welcome To Your Personal Development Journey

You'll get the most out of this guide if you're willing to act. The internet is full of information and guides that will teach you the art of personal development.  However, be careful that you don't fall into the learning but not acting trap that so many people fall into.

The world of personal development is complex, but at its very core it's all about creating a better you. It's about looking inward and focusing on ways to better yourself. It's a very personal growth journey that will look vastly different from one person to the next.

When deciding to focus on yourself the very first step is to envision WHO you want to be and WHAT you want to accomplish. It's all about comparing who you want to be with who you currently are. Then, subtract the two. What's left over is what you need to work on so that you BECOME the person capable of accomplishing whatever it is that you want to accomplish. 

Personal Growth Essentials

The process of personal development takes a whole personal approach. If you want to become the person you NEED to be, then you must take a holistic look at yourself, your past, and your future self. 

While this guide is meant to get you started down the path of personal improvement, we decided early on that we would make it comprehensive enough that, upon completion, you would have a solid foundation on which to build. 

Personal Growth Requires 3 Things

  1. Understanding where you came from and how your past dictates your attitude towards your present AND your future.
  2. How to reduce your efforts in the present so that you have both the time and the energy to devote to the things that need to be worked on.
  3. How to formulate a compelling future that will keep you motivated. 

The 4 Pillars of Living Your Best Life

These skills help you to build a foundation of effective personal improvement. In this guide we will focus on four distinct areas of growth. We call them the four pillars of living your best life, and they are as follows:

Pillar #1: Relationships

Relationships are often overlooked but are a key component of living your best life. This includes your spouse, children, coworkers, customers, customers, and friends. Having happy, healthy relationships are paramount to living a happy and healthy life.

Pillar #2: Work

This is your job, your career, and even your investments. This is your monetary success which is often confused with success in general. True success involves balancing the four pillars. 

Pillar #3: Spirituality

For some, spirituality is about having a relationship with God, for others it's about giving meaning and purpose to your life. It's about the way you experience connectedness to the moment, yourself, and to others. 

Pillar #4: Health

This is about taking care of your mind and body. Both your physical and mental health are important aspects of success.

How This Guide Help You Improve Upon Your Life

The principles that you will learn within these pages work and will help you achieve results because it creates balance in the system. It focuses on the WHOLE person, not just one or two segments. 

You will not find pie in the sky ideas here. You will only find realistic advice that is achievable and relevant. Advice that will help you to become less stressed and will give you an increased level of personal control. 

Using Both Nature & Nurture for Optimal Future Growth

Human development is lifelong. It started in the womb and can be thought of as pre-wiring. It's influenced by genetic heritage and other biological factors. Nature is influenced by external factors, things you're exposed to, your experiences, and learnings. 

There have been decades of debate surrounding exactly what's nature & what's nurture, and while we are going to talk about both, we're going to stay away from the extremes (although we will talk briefly about them below) and say that both play a part in who you are and who you can become. 

Nativism (Extreme Nature Position)

Those who adopt an extreme heritage stance are known as nativists. Their basic assumption is that the characteristics of humans are evolutionary, that they are within our DNA and any differences that we do have are due to the variances in each person's genetic code.  

Empiricism (Extreme Nurture Position)

On the other side of the scale are empiricists. Their basic assumption is that the human mind is a blank slate that is filled in through experiences.

Yes, we have a certain amount of nature baked in, but it's nurture that has a bigger hand in making you who you are. 

And THAT is what the Personal Development 101 course is all about. It's about teaching you how to nurture your dreams, your inner voice, and your personal growth. You'll learn everything that you need to get started down the path of living your best life by creating your best self.  

The Personal Development 101 Course Looks Great on Mobile!

The Personal Development 101 course is completely free. In this instance free does not mean inferior quality or generic. It means that we want EVERYBODY to reach their full potential. Which is why we are making this course as accessible as possible. You can use your mobile device and read this course on the go. Soon, we will also offer a free PDF and a Kindle friendly version for those that don't always have an internet connection. 

If you would like us to send you the PDF/Kindle version as soon as it becomes available just enter your email address & first name below and we'll do the rest. 

How To Use This Course

The Personal Development 101 course was designed to build upon the knowledge learned in previous sections, however, feel free to jump into any section using the navigation below. Once inside the course you'll be able to get to other sections using the drawer on the left side of the screen (works the same on both desktop and mobile).

Are you ready to have some fun? Click the get started button below and let's get growing. 

Personal Development 101

About the Teacher

Creating Your Best Self

The Personal Development 101 course was written and designed by T. Lavon Lawrence and David N. Johnson as a starting off point for would be growth hackers. It's designed to assist students in the field of personal growth.

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