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In past episodes we’ve spoken about your inner voice, living authentically, overcoming fear, and how to change your mental programming. Every one of those episodes involves the power of thought. 

The thoughts that you give power to are the root cause of your entire life. When we’re unhappy we seek change. Typically, this change involves buying things for a boost of happiness, traveling to escape our problems, or seeking substances, whether they be drugs, alcohol, or food to numb the mind and help us to forget. 

Of course, all of that is temporary because once the newness of the thing we bought wears off, once we return from our trip and the effects of the substances we take begin to fade, we always fall back to where we started, unhappy. 

So, the cycle repeats itself. We buy more things. Go on another trip. Or we eat more food and drink more alcohol. We bury ourselves in our work. We try to do things and create happiness externally, but the fact is that true happiness comes from the inside. 

Yes, your environment does play a role in changing your circumstances, but it doesn’t address the root cause behind why you feel the way that you do. 

In this episode we discuss how to harness the power of thought to power your life forward

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