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Being your authentic self is essential for building meaningful relationships with both yourself and others. Being authentic means that your thoughts, words, and more importantly your actions line up and match your core identity. It ensures that you’re seen, it shows that you matter.

Being authentic lights your path forward. It gives meaning to your life and allows you to live in harmony with yourself. When your external life matches your internal identity, the entire world opens itself up to you.

Living authentically doesn’t mean that you’re always happy. It means that you own your reality, that you face your fears, and that your focus isn’t even happiness, rather, it’s wholeness. 

Living authentically means that you check in on yourself to ensure that you're living your life according to who you ARE instead of who somebody else THINKS you should be. Being authentic requires you to be BRAVE enough to be vulnerable. 

To allow yourself to be REALLY seen, to see who you REALLY are by exposing your thoughts and feelings takes both effort and practice. 

Most of us live dual lives. One internal and one external. It’s when those two lives are incongruent that we become an imitation of who we think we should be or who we have been told to be.

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