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Spirituality is the first pillar for a reason. Without your spiritual core, which we will talk about in a minute, you can’t have the kind of outward relationships that are important to living a good life. You can’t be healthy, not truly healthy because true health is both physical AND mental. And your career will suffer because you aren’t connected with your bigger purpose. Your life will lack true meaning. 

There are 3 aspects of spirituality that we will discuss during this episode:

  • Relationship (the most important one, the one that you have with yourself) 
  • Values, and
  • Purpose

These 3 aspects form the foundation of your spiritual core.

Think of your spiritual core as you would your physical core strength.  Your physical core is a group of muscles that stabilize and control both the pelvis and the spine. It’s less about strength and how much you can bench and more about being able to maintain the body’s posture.

Your core strength helps you to get off the floor, stand up, or sit. It promotes efficient movement and improves performance. It allows you to be more resilient and less prone to injury. This is exactly how we want you to think about your spiritual core. It makes you more resilient and less prone to injury.

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