Learn How to CREATE Your Best Life

In every episode we'll discuss HOW you can create your best self and live a life of realized potential. We'll teach you how to be more of what you're truly capable of 

Creating Your Best Self Podcast

Principles To Live a Better life, Change the World Around You, and Become the Best Version of Yourself

This podcast is about change. It's about creating the best version of yourself so that you can help others achieve the same. At its core, this podcast is about being an influencer. It's about being the role model that we all need. 

In each episode David N. Johnson & T. Lavon Lawrence discuss how you can CREATE your best life. The best lives don't just happen, they are intentionally created. 

In the Creating Your Best Self Podcast learn the steps that are required to live an intentional life. One with more joy, better social connections, and a deeper level of peace. This is accomplished through the adherence of the 4 pillars of living a successful life:

  • Relationships,
  • Spiritually,
  • Physical & Mental Health,
  • And Work.

The only thing more tragic than allowing failure to end your story is allowing the fear of it to prevent you from writing it at all.

-David N Johnson

In each episode, T. Lavon Lawrence and David N. Johnson will discuss a specific topic that focuses on the why behind the topic but more importantly, the exact steps that you'll need to create the lives of your dreams. They are passionate about helping others achieve success through an intentional approach to personal growth and a healthy balance of the 4 pillars.

If you're looking for a fresh perspective on what it means to live your best life then tune into the Creating Your Best Self Podcast and learn how to develop the healthy habits that will lead to a life well lived.

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Meet Your Hosts

T. Lavon Lawrence


T. Lavon Lawrence

Professional Digital Strategist, Mental Fitness Trainer & Mental Focus Coach with more than 20 Years Experience training tens of thousands of people on six contents how to improve Attention Span, Mental Concentration, and Mental Focus. 


David N. Johnson

David N. Johnson is a husband, father, and a digital marketer. He's passionate about helping others realize their full potential via the four pillars of living your best life; work, relationships, spirituality and health.